Diary of a Working Mom, Vol I

Sometimes I think that there's a small misconception that bloggers live this glamorous blogger life, writing blogs by day, attending events and being social by night, and not a care in the world in between. But in reality, I think most would agree life hits us just as hard and often serves as inspiration. As a working mom of two little boys, my day starts at 5:45AM every day. I get the kids up, showered, dressed and off to school ... but of course before we make it to school there's usually a temper tantrum - sometimes over not liking the shirt I picked out but more times than not it's because "brother stole the pants I wanted wear!!" True story! Then I rush to work only to then rush home after a long day to try to spend a few hours with my sweet babies before time for bed.  

My greatest challenge in life right now is finding a healthy balance between my work and my family. Sometimes it feels like when one area of my life is going really well, another part is falling apart. Being a working mom (... when I say working mom I mean "outside of the home", trust me, I know stay at home mama's are working hard too!) is extremely hard, but also extremely rewarding. Yes, I hate that I can't have lunch with my kids everyday, or make it to every sporting event. There are times when mom guilt takes over after a long week at work and feeling like I didn't spend enough time with my babies. After all, they are young and these years are so precious and so important. But deep down I know that my husband and I are doing what's right for our family right now. I think that's such an important thing for moms to remember. Every path is different, every circumstance, every family, every child ... There's no right answer. 

So if you're out there, beating yourself up because you got tied up at work and left late yet again, and your kids are one of the last one's to be picked up from the after school program because your husband is traveling this week, and you are running late to basketball + football practice and haven't prepared any dinner ... It's OK ... Pour yourself a glass of wine after you lay those sweet babes to bed and know that you're not alone. You're doing the absolute best that you can, and your children love you. Can you tell that's how my day went today? I used to get so stressed but now I give it all to Christ because I know I'm following the path he's set out for me at this point in my life. 

Any mama's out there that can relate? I'd love to hear from you! 


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