The Greatest Gift.


I was asked recently what I wanted for Christmas this year, and it made me realize that there is no material thing in this world that is worth more than the time I've had with my children this holiday season. Seeing the genuine happiness they feel when mommy is home is all I could ever hope for. 

For their entire lives, I have worked this time of year. It's all they've known. It's all I have known. But a couple months ago, I stopped working and it's been the greatest thing that has happened to my family. This Christmas season is extra special and I've enjoyed every minute with my babies and my husband (who is probably the happiest of them all that I'm home right now). I love playing Santa and I've become a true Amazon Prime expert! Ha! 

I write this post to say, in this season of joy and giving, remember that material things don't matter. Spread love, give love, be a light and be present with your family! 

I truly appreciate each of you for reading my blog each week and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Jesus is the reason for the season!  



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