Cozy Chic.

It's finally getting colder here in Houston, and even though I despise being cold, dressing for the weather is so much fun! I'm so excited to partner with Sammy Dress for this post! This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links that I may receive commission on if clicked! All thoughts and views are my own. Now that that's out of the way ... Keep reading!

Cozy Chic.

Styling sweaters for winter is so much fun. Today I took a pretty basic lace-up sweater, and paired it with my favorite faux leather pants, boots and a fabulous blanket scarf! When you take a simple piece and layer it up with not so simple accessories and style pieces, it instantly elevates your look. 

If you scrolled through Instagram at all the past few months, then I'm sure you saw an influx of blanket scarves taking over your feed, so I'll spare you the "how to wear a blanket scarf tutorial" and let's chat about my current favorite sweater and how to wear it 3 ways. *Yes, I know it's not technically winter yet, but I'm a Texan and it's 50 degrees outside and I feel like I'm frozen! Ha!*

1. Sassy Chic.

2. Sexy Chic.

3. Casual Chic.

I love wearing a piece multiple times, different ways. To me it gets you the most wear out of an item and keeps it looking fresh! 

What's your go to piece in your closet right now? Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I love you all! 



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