Darling Denim.


Can I just say, I love denim. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to get fancy, but a basic denim skirt from Target paired with a simple yet fabulous blouse from HM is what I live for! When I want to be chic but also casual, this is my go to look.

What about you? What's your chic mom style?

In other news, the kids are still winding down from Spring Break with grandma. I love that my parents aren't too far! When we moved to Houston from Dallas last year, I was worried about being away from my parents and sisters. This was our first big move (the first one was only 20 miles away), so it has definitely been an adjustment, but we have been so blessed by amazing neighbors, co-workers and new friends here in Houston. Very excited to continue to build my network here and meet even more new faces!  



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