Lace it up.


I featured these adorable flats in a previous post and I have to say, since I bought them, I've been on the hunt for more just like them! This trend is one that I hope never goes away ... At least for a little while anyway!

So I'm sharing a few of my favorites today on the blog! Get excited! 

I have scoured the internet to find myself a pair of these beauties in every color under the rainbow. I'm not ashamed to admit that when I find something I love, I buy it in every color. Is that crazy? Gosh, I hope not. 

You may find this hard to believe, but as a self proclaimed fashionista, one thing that I do NOT spend a lot of money on is shoes! I don't know why. It's just never been my thing. Now, a great handbag or beautiful blouse, I'll make it rain for that haha! 

So for my budget conscious mamas out there, this post is for you! Here are some awesome lace up flats that you NEED in your closet! You can shop this exact shoe HERE (under $30!) or take a look at some awesome finds below! 

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