Steph Style: Swimsuit Chat

When I became a mother, like most women, my body changed and I went through a phase where I was so self-conscious about what I looked like. It wasn't necessarily the weight gain, but more so the change in proportions that threw me for a loop! 

Everything felt too small and too tight, and it was really getting me down. It wasn't until a light bulb went off and I realized I was choosing the wrong pieces for my "new" body type that I was able to finally feel confident and comfortable in clothing, specifically swimsuits, again. 

I was a size 0 before having children, and suddenly had hips (not a lot, I know, I KNOW!) but it was more than I had before and it took some adjusting. I think a few mamas out there can relate to that! Instead of being ashamed of the stretch marks and the extra skin, it was time to embrace the summer months, find a swimsuit I felt comfortable in, and leave every thing else behind. 

I have a few different swimsuit styles that I love for my body type: monokini, high-waist bikini and the classic one piece. Each of these styles provide enough coverage so that I'm not feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable but show enough skin to still feel sexy and fabulous. To give you an idea my size,  I am pretty narrow up top (34A) and a little wider in the hips and booty (usually size 4-6). Now, I am by no means the kind of woman that obsesses over her weight or dress size, but I do think that it is so important to follow these simple rules when trying on clothes, especially swim suits!

  1. Does it fit? Meaning that if I am a size 6, and I used to be a size 4, I don't torture myself by bringing size 4's to the dressing room. If you're a 6 or 26, own it and rock it! When my clothes are too tight, I can't think straight! I always end up worrying about if I'm squeezing my stomach in tight enough? Do I have a muffin top? Is my bum is hanging out? So many questions! Always, always, always wear clothes that fit. While simple in concept, I know the struggle is real out there for some. 
  2. Are you comfortable? If I have to tug, pull, adjust or cover up, the outfit is not for me. Dress for your body type and your style. I love to try new things and push the limits with my wardrobe, but being comfortable will always be a priority. Wear what you are comfortable in. You'll be so much more confident when you are comfortable. 

Summer is literally right around the corner, and swimsuit season is here! I tagged several of my favorite looks in this post! Here are a few of my favorite high waist bikini looks! 

What is your favorite swimsuit type? I love the options from ASOS, Nordstrom and Victoria Secret! Use code SAVE40SWIM at Victoria's Secret to save 40% off on your swimsuit purchase! Here is the LINK to the swimsuit from my social media post! 

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