Chic Backpacks.

Every year my kids want a new backpack. It's a huge ordeal and a lot of thought (on their part, of course) goes into what kind of bag they'll carry for back to school. This year we went with Star Wars, last year it was Ninja Turtles and the year before that it was Batman and Superman. I love getting my kids ready for school! This year my youngest baby is going to Kindergarten. I anticipate that the tears will be free flowing all day tomorrow, but I'll do my best to be strong. My oldest is going to 1st grade. Since he's already been to school before, I don't think it'll be as hard to let go, but time will tell! 

As we were shopping for backpacks this year, I started seeing beautiful faux leather/leather backpacks for women everywhere and I must say, I am totally digging this trend! I've had some pretty horrific backpacks in my day, I vividly remember a furry teddy bear one that I used to carry (ah! lol) but we won't talk about that right now. 

I love styling new pieces like this! Here's are some tips for how to wear the backpack trend!

1. Boho Babe.

2. Army Green.

3. In My White Tee.

How would you style the backpack trend? Remember, you can shop my looks via! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Have an amazing week and if you have little ones starting school, big hugs! 


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