That 70's Trend.

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Well, if you're obsessed with Free People like I am, then you recognize this dress as the With Love dress. I bought mine from Nordstrom last year and it's been in constant rotation ever since. The sleeves, the lace detail, the way it flows, the way it fits .... It's literally one of the BEST pieces I own! I'm totally obsessed. 

I'll tag several dupes and options below, it still available on Free People in black, and I just might snag it today. This fall you will absolutely see tons of bell bottom jeans and bell sleeves! I'm totally digging the 70's trend I've been seeing. 

UPDATED 8/31/16 -

Here's yet another dupe (almost EXACT) on major BOGO sale + under $30!


This week has been a tough one. My youngest baby went to kindergarten on Monday and even though I know he's more than ready and such a smart little guy, it still tugs on my heart strings. We walked him to his classroom and I could tell he was nervous, he's the strong, silent type. Ha! But then when it was time for mommy and daddy to leave, he cried a little and it took every ounce of my strength not to scoop him up and just take him back home with me! But we said our prayers for strength and confidence and I reminded him of how amazing and funny he is, and told him that he'd have a GREAT day! Thankfully, he did and he came home all smiles and ready to go back for Kindergarten day 2. 

My oldest started 1st grade and honestly, dropping him off wasn't so hard until I tried to hold his hand and he said "I'm not a baby, mom!" ... Um, actually, you are MY baby! Duh! Lol! So I held my husbands hand instead and swallowed my tears. My goodness, time is flying. He had a wonderful first day of school. It's really amazing watching your children grow up right before your eyes.

Did any of you mamas and daddy's out there have littles start school on Monday? Here's to an amazing school year. Cherish every moment with your babies, loves! Time slips by so fast! 

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