Designer Spotlight: Aubrey Busek

I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago and came across Aubrey's page. The clothes were gorgeous, beautifully designed. I had to learn more about the designer behind Aubrey Busek. 

I think a lot of times when we see fashion designers, it's easy to forget that there's a story there. Everyone has a story, really. I had the amazing opportunity to find out a little more about Aubrey's story. Here it is!

1. What made you start designing and how long has your brand been around?

I have always loved fashion and felt it was the ultimate way I could express myself. I studied classical ballet at NC School of the Arts growing up, and went there for high school. Being surrounded by artists of all types was such a blessing, because I was able to foster a love for so many types of art and design from a young age. Dance was amazing and I loved being an athlete, but I knew it wasn't the career for me. I wasn't really built for it long term either. So, I decided to pursue the other thing I loved most; fashion. It was really the idea of making other people feel amazing that drew me to it, because that is what I loved about dance as well. It is an escape from reality, whereas fashion just makes reality much more interesting. You can create a fantasy through fashion, and make women feel beautiful. 

I attended Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta for college, where I honed my skills in sewing, draping, pattern making, and design. Once I graduated with my BFA and honors in 2014, I knew that my dream of creating my own brand was close. I spent the next year really refining my brand's aesthetic and further enhancing my sewing skills while learning as much as I could about business. My brand, Aubrey Busek, was officially established in 2016 and has grown so much in a short period of time! I am looking so forward to what this year will continue to bring for my brand. 

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from all things for me. Nature is a big one; the world around us is just so stunningly beautiful, and I get a lot of ideas from going to new and exciting places. Literature and poetry has always inspired me, and continues to be a source of inspiration for my brand. I study a lot of art history, and it is incredibly fascinating. I am particularly inspired by medieval and Renaissance era artwork and textile techniques, and I believe that shows a lot in my work. I think life itself is inspirational, and fashion is really a reflection of society and the time. I design for all types of women, so whatever my inspiration, I am thinking about real women wearing my collection and how they would style it for their different lives. 

3. How would you describe your upcoming line?

My Spring/Summer 2017 collection was inspired by a trip to Norway. I just fell in love with the beautiful scenery, architecture, and the way of life of the people there. It just has this air of a place so old, and filled with so much history, but at the same time it is incredibly modern and carefree. I wanted to create a collection that had that same kind of carefree quality, but reflected my feminine aesthetic most of all. I watercolored a painting of some boats and houses in Norway, and then turned that into a textile print which I am thrilled about. It is very abstract, but graphic and bold at the same time. The color palette is also very bold, which I think is perfect for Spring. I am also exploring some new hand beading and embroidery techniques, which is really a signature of my brand. Ultimately, this collection is full of very wearable, easy, classic silhouettes, with lots of decoration and artistic influence. 

4. How can people shop your brand?

People can currently shop my brand on my website. Many of my pieces are made to order, due to hand embroidery and hand sewing techniques. I am also currently being stocked in Future Fashion Art Space in Ibiza, Spain. This year, I am working on expanding my production and retail to boutiques and pop up stores, which I am very excited about!

5. What is the best advice you'd give to other up and coming designers?

The best advice I would give other up and coming designers is don't give up. It sounds cheesy, but this industry is very hard to 'make it' in. I think as long as you are authentic about your work, work hard, and be yourself in all circumstances, you can succeed. Also I think the word 'success' is different for all designers. Everyone has different goals and dreams, so try not to get caught up comparing yourself to someone else. .  I know I did that a lot early on, and didn't have a lot of patience, and now I am just focused on being the best Aubrey Busek that I can be. Criticism can be tough to handle, but bear in mind that all opinions are valid and you have to take them into account to grow.  All good things take time and lots of hard work, so just keep that in mind on your journey. 


Thanks so so much to Aubrey for allowing me to learn a little bit more about her brand! Here I am in a gorgeous top from her SS17 collection! 


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