It's Fall Y'all!

Dress | Scarf | Similar Boots

I put this fun fall look together in spite of the blistering heat that is taking place every day here in Houston. I love this time of year, but the 100 degree weather is cramping my style! However, in true fashionista fashion, I plan to wear whatever I want regardless of the weather!

I found this dress a year ago at H&M and even though the exact color is not available anymore, the same dress now comes in 3 additional colors

I had so much fun styling this look. I'm a firm believer in stock piling basic/solid color pieces for those "I have NOTHING to wear mornings." This dress is one of my go to pieces when I'm having one of those days! And with the price being under $25, how in the world can you resist? 

The reason why I love solid color dresses or tops is because you can add almost any accessory to it and upgrade your look. I chose a fun faux fur infinity scarf that I got from Nordstrom a couple years ago and my favorite tan booties! One thing I love to share with readers when I can is that I don't always buy new outfits for a shoot. Sometimes I'll recreate a look I wore years ago and revive it! That's the best part about fashion, true style never dies

What pieces do you have in your closet that you've been able to give a second chance to?

I wore a top yesterday to a baby shower that I have owned for over 5 years and was still getting amazing compliments on it. Isn't it awesome how that works? Don't give up your treasures! And if you need styling tips, contact me!


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