I recently hit a major milestone on Instagram and I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has followed along with me and my blog! It's truly my passion and I appreciate each and every one of you!

In honor of 10K here are 10 fun facts about me that you may not know!

10 Fun Facts 

1. I am not a native Houstonian - I moved here from Dallas for work 2 years ago.  

2. I have three sisters. Two older and one younger. #noboysallowed

3. I studied journalism at the University of North Texas and have always been an avid writer.  

4. I attended Texas Tech University for my MBA (Master's in Busjness Administration) #wreckem

5. I'm an introvert and everything you read about us online is TRUE! Ha!

6. I met my husband my freshman year in college. We have two children. They are my world! My husband wants two more (#OMG!)

7. My best friends have been riding with me since elementary school/middle school! #Mar-Star + #KateTheGreat (these nicknames have been around a long time)

8. I'm a sorority girl! #alphakappaalpha #skee-wee

9. I'd love to write a book one day. My spirit animal is Rachel Zoe with a dash of Beyonce. #yaaaas

10. I believe in the power of prayer. I think there's greatness and potential in every being. And I love this song: Find rest my soul, in Christ alone. 

Okay now tell me about YOU!  

XO loves

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