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Well, the day has finally arrived. I'm in New York City for Fashion Week and I couldn't be more excited. I vividly remember telling my husband last year that no matter what, I'm going to fashion week in 2016!  

I've gotten SO many questions about why I'm going, how I prepared for the trip and what I'd be doing once I arrived.  

Well, here's a quick run down and some tips that I hope you find helpful. This is my very first time to NYC, so I took a lot of partners to get this trip together! 

I think a great plan is the key to success in anything so plan your little heart out. And then plan some more. Obviously you can't control everything that happens, but you have to have a basic plan. Here are a few of the things I planned beforehand that I'm so glad I did:

  • Flights - Start looking EARLY. Like really early. I paid less than $200 for my tickets round trip. Obviously if a brand sends you, it'll be free, but if you don't get your trip sponsored, shop early and smart. Look for deals and sales!
  • Outfits - I started reaching out to brands very early in order to get pieces pulled for my trip. Two reasons: It's an amazing way to collaborate and share the brand at Fashion Week AND it'll save you so much time and money. I only bought a couple things that I wanted to have on hand as extras, the rest were gifted to me. 
  • Shows/Events - There are so many events and shows happening in the city. If you're a part of an affiliate program (RewardStyle/ShopStyle) your rep will help get you access to events. If you're not, it's OK! There are so many options: from designer previews (work directly with the designer), to Style Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, and SO MUCH MORE (Fashion GPS is a great resource)! There are so many options when it comes to events, but plan ahead and reach out early. You may not be front row with Kim and Kanye, but you're there, doing what you love, and that's all that matters!  
  • Travel Buddy - Find 1-2 other people who are like-minded and have the same/similar goals that you have who will want to go with you! I've never been to Fashion Week before, so going with someone who has been was important to me. I'm also traveling with a photographer in the group (insert praise hands emoji) - I shot a few looks before leaving and the rest I'll take in the city.
  • Reach out to brands that you've worked with as well as PR firms (both local to you and in NYC). Also, share that you are going to NYFW on your social pages. I found that as soon as I said that I was going, I started receiving emails about different shows/events with designers. I'm not a party girl so my intent for coming is to network and see great fashion. Planning ahead and talking to brands early is key! 

I can't WAIT to share all about my trip with you. This is my first look of the week. I got it at Crossroads TX in Houston and when I saw it I just knew I had to have it! Have you ever had that happen?

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I love and appreciate you guys so much!



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