Our Love Story.

This Valentine's Day marks 10 years with my husband. So I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share how we met! 

Jason and I were introduced by a mutual friend our freshman year in college. He was a football player at SMU in Dallas and I was a student at UNT. He was hanging out at our mutual friends house one night when I just happened to come by to hang out too! I remember when I first saw him, I thought "Wow! He's really cute .... But he looks like he knows he cute so I'm not about to pay him any attention" Haha! So there I was, playing it cool and trying my best to ignore him.

For this post, and because I needed a refresher, I asked Jason what he remembers about when we first met and he said: "you ignored me because I guess you thought that was "cool" (LOL). I thought that you were beautiful, the most beautiful girl I had seen in a while" (Aww).

I had a few friends from high school who played football at SMU, so I spent several Saturday afternoons at the games. Which meant that I would constantly see Jason too. We started talking more. One day he was outside of the bookstore near SMU and even though I don't recall why I was there too, that was the moment when we exchanged numbers. 

We were both dating other people initially, so we started out as friends and didn't pursue anything for awhile, but then we were both single at the same time and started hanging out more. We really hit it off and Jason asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later. But here's the catch, I said no. Actually, my exact words were "yes, but not right now." Lol! We were both newly single, and I wasn't interested in rebounding. A few months later on Valentine's Day, Jason took me out on a beautiful date and asked me out again. This time I said yes. We stayed up talking until 2AM that night. I'll never forget it because I had to drive back to campus and he had football practice the next day. 

We dated for 2 years, then we broke up at some point during my junior year in college. After a brief hiatus, we got back together and continued dating. My senior year in college we found out that we were pregnant (oh em gee!). After the SHOCK wore off, excitement began and we started planning our life together. We decided to get married that summer before our baby boy arrived, it was a busy couple of months that year. We got married, I busted my ass to graduate college a semester early, had a baby and prepared to start working post graduation! Phew! Busy!

Now here we are 10 years later, with lots of love, growth, happy moments, sad moments, proud moments, "can we just forget that happened" moments to look back on. ❤️  I'm so happy I met my man. Even though he drives me crazy, he's the perfect match to handle MY crazy! I can't see myself doing life with anyone else. 

I love you, honey! Cheers to us. 💋





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