How to Stay Organized in the Workplace.

1. Unplug. The first thing I do when I know I need to focus at work on something big is delete ALL social media apps off my phone. Or leave my phone in my office.

2. Use your Outlook calendar! Every appointment, event, interview, call - whatever! - put it on your calendar. I worked in retail for years so days were unpredictable, but as a manager you still have business to take care of. Being extremely organized in how I structured my days helped keep balance in what sometimes felt like a madhouse.

3. Create folders and 'rules'  in your email inbox. If you get a lot of emails from multiple different people in multiple different departments, every single one of them should have a folder in your inbox. And when they send you an email, it pops up there. Now, I know some people who can sit and filter through 300 unorganized emails, but not me! I think it's also important to have a solid routine around checking your email - every folder - that way you don't miss anything.

Example of my folders: my boss, his admin, every manager that was my direct report, the VP, HR, company communication. 

4. Establish a routine. If you've been doing your job for awhile, you should have a pretty good idea of what to do/expect each day. Even if there are daily factors outside of your control, having a solid routine for the "known" will keep you both sane and productive. 

5. Plan for the unexpected. I would always leaves windows of time in my calendar where nothing is scheduled just in case I needed to be somewhere or do something that came up without notice. And of course, if nothing comes up then this gave me time to be out with the team, working side by side, building relationships. 

I'm certainly not an expert on everything in the workplace, but these things have really helped me stay organized and productive throughout my career!

Thanks so much for reading! Have an amazing week! 



Stephanie Jackson2 Comments