All The Lace.

I found this gorgeous romper at the other day and couldn't wait for it to arrive so that I could try it on! I am obsessed with the lace overlay. It is absolutely the perfect look for Spring. Someone invite me to a wedding or party, because I'll be wearing this for sure! 

For sizing reference, I ordered a medium. I'm a smaller up top than I am in my hips, so I could have probably gotten away with a small, but I didn't want to risk it. It comes in one other color online at Nordstrom, but there are a few other retailers who make it too! I saw one at Beehive - Houston this past weekend! 

I shot this look in downtown Houston. It was my first time venturing down there to shoot so I really enjoyed walking around and finding the perfect spots with Yash from Banavenue Photography. Since we live in The Woodlands, driving more than 15 minutes to take photos is something I typically avoid, but it was great to try something new! 

As I'm sure you noticed, my posting slowed down a bit when I started my new job! I wanted to make sure that I was focused on the right things and dedicating 100% of myself to it until I knew that I could add back in this layer of my life! It's good to be back though. I have loved every minute of work so far! I have gotten a few questions about it so I wanted to share that update! It is also SO refreshing to know that I can make the same living I was before, and not have to spend (what felt like) every moment of my free time worrying about something at work. There are great things ahead for my little family and I can't wait to see where this road leads. 

For those that don't know, we will be relocating to a new city in a few weeks for my new job! I wasn't thrilled about moving but it made the most sense job wise and family support wise (my parents live where we are going). I'm sad to leave the friends I've made here in Houston, especially the ones just right here in my neighborhood! They are truly incredible. I am confident I was meant to move here to meet them. But thankfully, we'll only be a few hours away, so I know we'll visit as often as we can. 

Getting the house ready to list is always a challenge when dealing with little boys who tend to ransack everything in sight, so say a prayer for us on that one! 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! 

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