Ask Steph: Should I Get My MBA?


I've been asked this question a lot ... Why did you decide to go back to school and get your MBA? It's a great question, because, after all, why on earth would anyone want to go back to school after finishing college the first time? For me, it's always a two part answer. 

1. I started a business that has now evolved into my blog, and it has given me a solid foundation on how to operate it in a way that will help me continue to grow and build it in the years to come. I also work a full-time job in the retail industry, and not only has it helped me to have a strong knowledge base to pull from in my every day business operations, but it will (hopefully) down the road, give me a competitive edge when I seek higher level positions or when I decide to work for myself full-time.

2. The second reason is because my husband said he was going back to school to get his graduate degree and he most certainly wasn't going to be more educated than me! LOL That's a valid reason, right? Plus, we have two young children, and while a degree can only take you so far, I did want to inspire them and show them that they can do anything they want to do in life if they put their mind to it.  

I had moments where I was so happy that I did it and then there were moments (usually around 2AM) when I wondered "why the hell am I doing this to myself?" So I'd love to offer a little perspective on the pros and cons as a recent MBA graduate. 


Ask Steph: Should I get my MBA?

3 Reasons Why I Say Yes  

1. If you're in a field where getting an MBA to take you to the next level of your career is required, and that's the direction that you want to go, then I say GO FOR IT! I am all about competitive edge! There are amazing opportunities with or without it, though, so it's all about personal choice. 

2. Knowledge is POWER and the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Getting my MBA and pushing myself to learn new things has helped me truly feel like I can do anything. It has also helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional endeavors. 

3. Meeting my cohort was hands down one of the best parts of going through the experience. Having a large group of peers who "get it" and that you can lean on when you don't know the answer or when you feel like giving up is what got me through it (in addition to my sweet hubby).

3 Reasons Why I Say No

1. If you're not in the right head space or prepared to be pushed to the limits (especially if you work full-time while doing it), I would say wait. Speaking from the experience of getting my MBA, working full-time (50 hours/week), owning a boutique, writing a blog and trying to be a good wife and mom ... man! For a little while there, my life was chaos. But it has groomed me to be able to handle anything crazy thrown my way. 

2. If you haven't defined a clear reason WHY you want to do it, I would say wait. Just wanting to get one isn't going to get you through when you feel like giving up. 

3. If you haven't researched multiple programs to make sure you find a good fit, weighed the pros and cons and thought through how you're going to pay for it without digging yourself into debt, I would say wait. 

I think it's a great experience and would definitely recommend it if you're ready for the task! So there you have it! 

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