At Home With Steph

I thought I'd share a mini home tour on the blog today for a couple of reasons ... I told you guys I'd share photos weeks ago and never did (sorry!) and because I need to sell my house! Lol! As many of you know, we have relocated to Dallas and I couldn't be more excited to be reunited with family and friends. 

For those that don't know, I am born and raised from the Dallas area and moved to Houston for a promotion about 3 years ago. I'm no longer with the company that originally moved me (thank you, Jesus!) and I am so excited to be back in the city that I've called home and that I love. 

A little about our home - We bought our home in Houston as a new build in 2014. I'll never forget seeing it for the first time with our realtor and thinking ... this is it! THIS is my house! We had been looking for awhile, so the satisfaction of finding something that I LOVED was indescribable. It took a little convincing on my husband's part, but he eventually came around.

We made so many amazing memories in this house and even though I am excited to be in Dallas, I already miss my awesome neighborhood and friends. I've literally never lived anywhere with so many amazing neighbors! We had so much fun and made lifelong friends. I'm already planning my trip to go visit everyone again. 

Moving to Houston initally was very hard for me because I had never lived anywhere but in Dallas. But I'm so so glad I took the leap of faith and tried something new. It helped shape me for the better. 

My home decor is very clean and chic, I love gold accents, sheepskin rugs, lots of white and feather pillows. My boys tease me because these are all things that are not boy proof - I'm literally the mom who has OxyClean spray in hand after every event cleaning up stains, but hey, whatever it takes. LOL!  

I can't wait to design our new home in Dallas. We'll be renting for awhile until our house in Houston sells and we know our next move, but I still plan to make it feel like "home" while we are there. 

What are some of your favorite interior design trends? Shoot me an email or comment below! 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! All photos are courtesy of Frederick Warren Photography.