I Lost My Voice

Moving back to Dallas has had it's highs and lows, there are times when I regret moving back and other times I'm so happy that I did. Probably the hardest thing has been starting over with friendships both in my personal life and in the blogging community. I miss my friends. I miss bunco night. I miss going to events. I miss being in a community of people who get it. And I think somewhere in all of that, I stopped writing about stuff that I really wanted to talk about and lost inspiration. I've been taking the easy route and posting outfit photos, when I know deep down there's so much more to say.

Even though I've been here in Dallas a few months now, I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that this is my new normal. And with that being said, I guess one of two things has to happen, I can wallow in my self pity and be unhappy or I can try really hard to recreate what I loved so much about living in Houston - and that was friendships, community, fashion and a whole lot of fun. 

I lost my voice.

And I'm working to find it. It's easy to get lost in the social media world and feel like you're not good enough or that what you're doing is meaningless. Layer that with feeling like you shouldn't have left a good thing in your previous city and MAN! Talk about tears. I've felt that, more than once. I'm a strong person, but every now and then, I've realized, I need some reassurance. I have so many rough drafts for the blog that I need to finish and in my own time, I will finish them. Some fashion but mostly real life things that have been on my heart. 

So stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading, I'll be back to writing very soon!