Tickled Peony Pink w/ L'Occitane

This post was sponsored by L'Occitane USA. I received these products for review.

All thoughts and views are my own. 

I am a boy mom, and I live a very hectic and often very dirty boy mom life. So when I was shipped my "spa day" in a box, I couldn't wait to try the products out. 

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE putting face masks on, there's usually a glass of wine involved and even though the products say "leave on for 10 minutes," you'll find me an hour later still sitting in my mask, loving how tight my face feels! LOL! It happens every time, without fail. 

I have been so excited to get my hands on L'Occitane's new Peony collection face masks and cleansing oil for a few reasons. 

1. It smells incredible!

2. It makes my skin feel so soft when I finish using the mask and the oils (in 5 minutes time!)

3. I can multi-mask with the pods - meaning that I can use different masks on different parts of my face! 

I saw a blogger friend doing a tutorial on Insta Stories the other day about how to put on a face mask without getting your hands dirty, so I took her advice, grabbed a makeup brush and applied the mask all over my face. Something I noticed about the masks are that they are so smooth and easy to apply. They come in these adorable little, one-time use pods that you can toss after you use all of the product. 

The best part is that your face is ready, set, GO in 5 minutes tops! I of course take forever with my masks, but you don't have to! 

I let it sit until it was dry and then washed my face with a warm towel. I could tell immediately that my face felt refreshed and really soft. Then I applied some the Petal Cleansing Oil to my face (by the way, there are actual peony petals inside of the oil ... fancy!) What I love about the oil is that is moisturized my skin without making me feel greasy. 

I am a busy mom on the go, so I live for anything that I can get done in a few minutes! 

My favorite mask was the Purifying Minute Mask. I loved the way it applied to my skin and it was literally ready in minutes. 

Have you all tried any of the masks? I linked them for you here and throughout the post! 

Thanks so much for reading, let me know what you think! 

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