Everything Stops.

Last week I was at work and received a call that I wasn't ready for or expecting. My grandfather passed away and in that moment, everything stopped. I was moving in slow motion. I could barely grasp for air and I couldn't see anything through the tears. I still have moments when I say out loud, "I can't believe you're gone." 

As a child, my grandparents were always these indestructible figures that would live forever. But the older I get and the older they have become, the harsh reality has started to sink in that that fantasy simply isn't going to play out the way I hoped. 

I've lost both of my grandfathers at this point in my life, and I have to say, while it stings so bad, I feel incredibly blessed for all of the amazing memories I have with them. They were always there, when they could be, for the big moments in our lives. They loved us BIG and were so proud of everything my sisters and I accomplished. I am not a people pleaser by any means, but making my family proud is something that I always strive for. I plan to write an open letter to them one day soon. That's another draft post that is sitting, waiting to be finished. 

Last week, everything stopped and I had to take a few days to grieve, be with family and process my feelings. I appreciate your patience with me as I ease back into the blog. This creative outlet is also my escape and helps me get through more than you guys even know. 

Back on Track

I'm getting back on my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with today's post. 

I wore this top to my grandfather's funeral with the most adorable black pants that have ruffles at the bottom. My Pop Pop was always fly, so I brought my A game to his final show :) The white version of this blouse sold out, but ASOS has it in a few other colors! Yay! I linked them all for you. 

I styled it with jeans for the blog. I love how versatile it is. I've even seen it worn with a great pair of distressed bermuda shorts. How do you guys think you'd style it?

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for your constant support.