Florals With An Edge

Floral prints, when done right, are my favorite for fall. I typically don't like to wear a ton of prints, but when I saw this top online at Zara, I didn't think twice about adding it to my basket. I already had these lace up pants in my closet and my mom gave me the mules, so my outfit was already complete! 

I packed this top with me in NYC for fashion week but didn't get a chance to wear it while I was there. I've styled it a couple of different ways since bought it, but this look is hands down my favorite. I found these Celine dupes online at Amazon, we are about to go on vacation in a few days and I never take expensive sunglasses with me. I learned my lesson after losing my favorite pair somewhere in the ocean in Mexico a couple of years ago.

I received so many comments and questions about this top and unfortunately, because it is from Zara, I am not able to link it via rewardStyle, but it is linked above throughout the text. I also linked several other floral print tops that would also look fabulous with this look! Keep scrolling for full outfit + beauty details! 

Beauty - Make Up I'm Wearing: 

Sunglasses - Celine + A Dupe (Under $15)

Floral Tops:

Link to Zara Top: CLICK HERE!

Link to the best floral tops: I linked all my favorites from Nordstrom HERE!

Lace Up Pants:


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