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I can’t believe it’s already Christmas time! The holiday season is my favorite time of year for many reasons but the opportunity to give on a much larger scale (than usual) tops the list.

I’ve shared my love for L’Occitane all year long so when I saw the advent calendars they have for the season, I could not wait to open it up and take a peek … it’s going to make such a great gift! Now who should I give it to is the real question?

25 days of Christmas means 25 ways to enjoy the many different products that L’Occitane has to offer. My favorites are the Almond and Shea Butter collections, but as you can see in my photos below, there is  a lot to be excited about within these two L’Occitane Christmas Beauty Advent Calendars! Shop it HERE!

I snapped a preview of each of the gift sets, and I’ll share a little about the products in each below!


The first gift set is an adorable box that has each day numbered and every drawer that you open leads to a fun surprise and a great way to treat your skin. I really enjoy using the soaps from this brand, so I was happy to see that their were a couple bars included! You’ll also find lotions, body oils and shower oils galore. A spa night for every night leading up to Christmas sounds like an amazing way to relax and stay energized throughout this busy season.


The second set does not disappoint and keeps the pampering going with every slot that you open. If you’re unsure about what to get your close friends for Christmas, the advent calendar idea is a great option because it keeps giving. Every day is a new way to “treat yo’ self!” It’s the perfect pre-holiday treat that is oh so luxurious.

I know a few beauty lovers who would just go crazy for this, so I may have to buy a few more to spread the love out evenly.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise on what you’ll find behind each door for the 25 days leading up to Christmas, but I will tell you, your special someone will not be disappointed … and if you want to buy one for you … we can share in the pampering together as I am anxiously awaiting December 1st to start treating myself … officially!


Hard to believe that the holidays are here! You can shop this fabulous gift via the links throughout this post or HERE!


Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week, loves!


XO - Steph

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