How To Style: Preppy Look #2

I took a cue from the mannequins at J. Crew and layered my sweater with a chambray button up underneath. Obviously, this isn't a groundbreaking trend, but I definitely had fun trying something different with my everyday style. I added the pink velvet shoes for added flair, the contrasting colors and textures makes for an effortlessly chic looking outfit. 

Know Your Neutrals: 

1. Stripes

2. Plaid

3. Polka Dots

It's easy to mix patterns and prints when you know your neutrals. There are so many options and routes you could take with this turtleneck from J. Crew, I opted for safe and easy, but adding pops of color and other prints would be a great way to mix things up a bit. 

What do you think? Are you into the preppy chic look? It's a pretty safe styling option, and I'll admit that it's not my first choice when I am putting looks together, HOWEVER, I recognize that everyone doesn't dress like me! So I wanted to share my take on this outfit option! 

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