Madewell Sweater

I shared this sweater from Madewell over on my Instagram page a few weeks ago and it's finally making it to the blog! FINALLY! Sorry guys. Texas weather is so up and down that when I saw this sweater, I knew it would be perfect for those days when it's kind of cool in the morning but 80 degrees by the afternoon. We have a lot of those here.

I realized after walking my closet last week that I don't have nearly enough sweaters for a Dallas winter. We were in Houston for too long and it spoiled me because it literally never gets cold there. So I've started browsing the internet for some great deals on cozy sweaters for when the cold comes and stays here in DFW. As my picks for the season start trickling in from UPS, I'll share them here for you to see what I'm loving! 

I'll share all the shopping deets about the sweater I'm wearing above (I bought my top directly from Madewell but Nordstrom has it too!). The cool thing about this piece is that you can layer it a few different ways and still have the option of taking off your jacket if you get too warm. Maybe when it gets colder out, I'll show you guys other ways to style this beauty! 

Thank you for stopping by! XO - Steph


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