Top Five Q's

We received an overwhelming response to the "Black Friend" and I just wanted to say that I read each and every one of your comments and DMs. Thank you for reading and even though it's not a great topic to relate with, I'm glad we could shed light on an underlying issue. Big love! 

I thought I'd take a moment on today's post to answer a few questions or address common things that are searched on my site. I know that some of you will just DM me and ask questions, but I've noticed several search queries on here that I realized I haven't posted about ... ever ... so let me go ahead and answer! 

1. What filter do you use on your photos/How do you edit your photos/What camera do you use?

I use a professional photographer - always. My Instagram husband retired soon after he started and has no interest in taking my photos (still love you, boo). So I work with different photographers depending on what city I am in. My favorite Houston photographer is Yash from Banavenue. He's the real MVP and has helped me create content for several campaigns, as well as my every day Instagram photos. New to the crew is Audrie from Sweet Memory Photography. I love her! She's my Dallas go to and somehow, someway we always make magic! When it comes to editing, I always say ... light and bright please! 

2. How did you grow your Instagram following?

I've done a few different things, some trial and error (aka ... crash and burn) and others successful strategies that help me to reach a broad and diverse audience. The tips I will share are: be consistent - and that's with your posting schedule, your photo quality, your niche, etc. You're creating a brand, it has be seamless for your audience, ENGAGE with your followers - it goes a long way, plus it's just the nice thing to do - I genuinely want to know about and learn from every one that reads my blog or follows my social pages - so when I get a DM, email, comment or text, it makes my heart happy and I want to engage with you, research hashtags - you can't be afraid to switch them up every now and then and you can't under estimate the power of using the right ones.

3. Where are your kids??/Pregnancy

Good question. I don't like to share too much about my children online. I try to protect them as much as I can from the internet. While many of you are amazing and I love you! There are some creepers and fools out there. Simple as that. They pop in every now and then, but I am not personally comfortable with sharing them constantly online. With that said, I don't have any feelings or judgements for parents who do. Do you girl! 

I don't have any pregnancy posts on this blog, because my kids are so much older, but I can definitely share some stories in a post down the road! I had a blog while I was pregnant with my first son, it would be fun to go back and post some of those posts on here! 

4.  My house/Home tour

I thought this one was interesting, several people searched for this on the blog, and probably realized very quickly that I haven't posted anything (up until a month ago) about my house. I LOVED our Houston home. It was gorgeous and absolutely, 100% my style. I spent a lot of time planning how I would decorate each room and searching for home decor. My interior design style is chic and modern. I love subtle gold accents, mirrors on mirrors on mirrors, lots of white, and dark wood everything - cabinets, furniture, etc. I found several of our home decor pieces at stores like At Home, Home Goods and Wayfair. I'm a total bargain shopper! I also built our dining room table! 

5. NYFW 

Last year was my first time to go and I learned so much! I will definitely be posting more on how I am preparing for my trip this year, as well as any tips for those of you who are going as first timers this year. I have my sights set on Paris and London fashion week next year! I am beyond excited! 

I hope that answers your questions! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! 



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Photos by Sweet Memory Photography