What Matters Most.

I should start this post by saying that ... there's nothing glamorous about building a brand and owning your own business. Absolutely nothing. I know the images online and fun photoshoots make it seem so, but there are a lot of hours and non-stop working that play into making this dream become a reality. If you ask my husband, he'll say I am on my phone way too much. But I always say, every second that I'm on my phone, I'm making money ... And then he proceeds to leaves me alone LOL! But in this 24/7 business, I have found that I really have to be intentional about family time and making time for what matters the most to me. 

My children have said to me before, "you're always on your phone!" and it pierces my heart because I know they don't care about what I'm doing, they just want me to be present with them. So I wanted to share 3 things that I am working on to make sure that I am there for all of the important moments and people in my life.

I didn't want to approach this post from an expert point of view because I'm just NOT there yet! So I thought sharing what I'm working on would be better, as I'm sure many of you can relate. 

1. Put the phone down. 

If my husband or my children are talking to me, I am trying very hard to not have any distractions. It is so easy for me to look you in the eye as if I'm listening to you, but if something else is on my mind, or if I'm in the middle of something on my phone, I don't hear you. Not a single word. So I'm personally trying to put the phone down and be 100% present. 

2. Schedule time. 

My children require a lot of attention when they are awake. Especially now during the summer! Even though they are at camp for a large portion of the day, when they get home, family time is so important. I've had to be very intentional about my schedule. Even if it means late nights for me, if they kids are awake, I can't work on the blog. But that also means, I keep my kids on a pretty steady schedule. Bedtime is consistent, that way there isn't much resistance when it is time to lay it on down. 

3. Have a Plan

I'm not a great planner in my personal life. There is so much that I want to do and accomplish that sometimes I let daydreaming get the best of me and end up getting a delayed start on things. Ooops :) I am working on having a plan for every week and planning ahead for the constant hustle that is my life. From photoshoots, family field trips and time for my babies - I've found that when I know what's coming and when different events are in my life, things just run a whole lot smoother. 

What are some things you guys do to hold it all together for you families?

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Thanks for stopping by loves!