NYFW: What I Packed

To say I am excited to be headed to NYC again this year would be an understatement. After getting show invites and preparing to be in the city for several days, my next favorite part of the trip are the clothes! I worked with a couple of brands to help put together looks for my time in New York, but I won't lie, stress levels got high, I walked into Zara two days before I was supposed to fly out, and realized ... maybe I don't actually like anything in my suitcase ... OMG! I have nothing to wear! We've all been there, right? 

It was a scramble, but I was able to finish styling all of my looks in record time before my 5:45AM flight this morning (Thursday). 

The cool thing about New York is that everything is acceptable there in terms of style. I LOVE people watching in the city and checking out the street style. Talk about inspiration! There are no fashion rules! It's the ultimate "do you, girl!" city! And I LIVE for it!

I received a few questions about what I wear when I'm at NYFW so I thought I'd share a little peek into what I consider the most important thing in my suitcase: SHOES! I'll be sharing my outfits all week long, so today we'll highlight this area of my wardrobe. 

I brought mostly all comfortable shoes with me this year. I can't be cute if I'm limping from foot pain! Right?? I learned that lesson very quickly last year. Thankfully, Nordstrom is having a great sale! I linked my favorites below: 

I am getting ready for my first show of the evening! I'll share photos tonight of what I'm wearing in my next post! 

In the meantime, enjoy shoe shopping! Let me know if you find any other goodies! 

XO - Stephanie




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