Ruffle Dress + Life Update

Happy Monday, friends! If you follow my social feeds, then you know that I have this thing with yellow lately that I can't seem to shake. I keep buying it! Someone help me! 

My latest obsession is this adorable ruffle sleeve dress that I found at ASOS. I wore her one night in Florida for my recent work trip and loved it. She's not too short and the perfect color for my skin tone. I'll link everything for you guys - PLUS, if yellow isn't your color, I found the same dress in another color option too. 

I thought I'd use today's post to share a little life update because we've had so much going on! I can't recall if I updated you all or not, but we finally got a contract on our house in Houston! Yay! Looking forward to not paying two mortgages very soon. We were on the market a lot longer than we anticipated, but thankfully, it all worked out and we found the perfect buyer! :) We are slowly making the new place feel like home ... the boys love it! And while it's only temporary until we figure out our next move, I'm starting to love it too! The only thing about being in a smaller space, is that when things get messy, you feel it a lot faster than in a large home. So note to self ... pick up as you go! 

Today's post is short and sweet! I'll chat with you guys on Wednesday for a new blog topic! Have a great week! 




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